Cat Ally
Album cover ‘Rood Staan Hard Gaan’

SOGOshow was invited to paint this new campervan in preparation for the customers tour through Europe. The artist duo was given complete creative control but wanted to make it personal to the clients personality and interests. The main inspirations turned out to be Star Wars, Tank Girl in a seventies surf/skate inspired colour scheme.

For one side SOGOshow imagined what Booga and Tank Girls child might look like, designing a foxy Tank Girl/Booga inspired character dressed up as a mermaid wearing Anakin’s pod racing helmet holding a tiny Death Star. The mermaid element representing Scheveningen beach and the clients time spent on and near beaches.

For the other side of the van SOGOshow designed a Star Wars droid buddying up to a foxy fox in a dress. Utilizing the campervans original rosters/air vents as parts of the droid. All of this accompanied by smaller Star Wars imagery, flowers and more droids.