Concrete x Reebok

The ‘Achterom’ in The Hague’s city centre was always an ally people avoided at night. It was dark, dirty and felt unsafe. The Hague’s municipality started a project to clean and liven up these types of ally’s in this city. Big clean up, new lighting and a mural that spreads across the whole street by four different artists.

The main thing SOGOshow remembers from this project was the warmth and gratitude from the residents. Coffee, tea, ramen and pancakes were offered through the windows, using the cherry picker to pick up the food and drink on the fourth story from a grateful resident. SOGOshow will never forget this beautiful experience.

This project was initiated by municipality The Hague and The Hague Street Art. Bringing together four different artists; Dünya Atay, Marilou Klapwijk, Studio Zepa and SOGOshow, with the mission to design multiple cats in their own styles that can play, climb and explore throughout the street with a ball of red yarn functioning as a literal red thread throughout the project.

SOGOshow decided to base one cat on famous influencer cat Maru. A rag cat can be found with all her kittens, each kitten being one of the multiple colours of their mother. Another cat can be seen using a fishing rod with a fish attached to it playing with the beautiful geometric/realistic cat by Studio Zepa underneath it and last but not least, a cheeky blue cat holding on for dear life after almost falling while trying to get to a little caged bird. The bird was created by using the shape of the building, all SOGOshow needed to add were bars to complete this illusion.

Next to that Studio Zepa and SOGOshow added a lot of little details along the red thread. A drainage pipe transformed to a scratch pole, a naughty little rat chewing through the wire and playful kittens exploring.