Press photo Prins S. en de Geit
Concrete x Reebok

KC De Binck is a new childcare centre offering integrated education and childcare in the Binckhorst, The Hague district for children aged 0 -13 years. Their current building is a temporary repurposed building in the neighbourhood. To liven up the play area in front of the school, KC De Binck invited SOGOshow. Giving SOGOshow full creative control, not even wanting to see a design because KC De Binck loved the idea of being surprised every day SOGOshow had worked. Obviously, the only request was to make something suitable for a children’s play area.

And thus this mural followed, a big mix of different SOGOshow characters. SOGOshow decided to not tell one story, but give only hints of stories to entice the imagination of the children. Hoping the stories will be finished in their own imagination.

Few interesting details about the wall are for example; the group of robots is placed where a tiny football cage will be placed cheering these kids on as they’re playing. The lightsources within the design are created with patterns to give a transparency and to keep the whole a bit softer than usual, SOGOshow decided to not use any black on this wall but instead using a deep blue tone. Giving the whole mural a softer, slightly washed out feel without sacrificing the crispness of the colours.