Restaurant Milu

To say Prins S & De Geit had a rough start would be a massive understatement. After forming the band, finding their unique style and writing music. A global pandemic put a halt to their debut, putting the band on ice. No festivals, performances or any idea when the world would start turning again as usual. Then nearing the end of the pandemic one of the bandmembers suffered a brain haemorrhage, again putting this whole project to a screeching halt. After careful consideration the band decided to keep playing for the time Marne was in the hospital. At that time also writing this song in his honour. Marne was already a fan of SOGOshow’s work, so the question came; “We want to do this song for Marne, would you like to help with the cover?”A very loud “YES” followed and SOGOshow made this image for the band, but most of all for Marne.

SOGOshow is very happy to share that Marne has since made an almost miraculous recovery, with first diagnoses being never playing again, to now. A proud and strong Marne back on stage with every performance.