Son Mieux ‘Multicolor’ Limited T-shirt
Single cover ‘Zwarte Sneeuw’

Orginisation Smart@Sea and the municipality of Scheveningen invited three artists to paint the construction wall while the boulevard is being renovated. SOGOshow got to work together with esteemed collagues and good friends; Ringo Mollinger and Studio Zepa.

The biggest waste in SOGOshow’s eyes of productions with multiple artists is that it happens too often that a harsh line between the different artists is created. Essentially turning a project into multiple smaller projects. It was unanimously decided at the first meeting that every artist involved wanted to make one big artwork, styles merging, communicating and overflowing from one to the next.

Studio Zepa’s character is driving SOGOshow’s robot. Patterns in backgrounds of Ringo Mollinger’s neon texts etc. Although each individual artist’s style has not been deluded, the finished result truly feels as one big artwork.